The Red Journey: Sophomore Year

Chapter Three: Sophomore Year


Wow! It has been a year, look how time flies… Now, I am a sophomore, no more forced stuffs on certain subjects freshmen students used to experience (ha-ha oh yes!), we are not a newbie anymore and finally, it is another year of challenge. And I’ve never been ready for it more than what I felt on that moment.

As always, nothing much happened to me on my sophomore year except for having loads of stuff to do, the excruciating paper-works, and thesis, and the never-ending reporting and acting and video presentations that we did.

I used to ask myself before why they never stop, well, maybe because at that point of my life, I’ve been doing everything that I was so tired of doing things over and over again. I mean, if I kept my college life like that, on just being a simple plain student (who excels academically), I know that yes, it is good for my resume when I graduate, but deep within me, I know it’s not enough. I’m not being the leader that I used to be during my high school days.

My sophomore year was quite memorable because it was the second time (which I didn’t know it was 2nd time already) that I ranked first among our batch (2nd Year), having a 1.362 GPA, it was memorable for me because I almost topped the whole BS Entrepreneurship of the college only to find out that the first’s GPA was 1.361, a .001 difference, that makes really good sense. That’s why it’s something that I cannot forget. And no, I actually didn’t felt bad for some reason because I knew it was my fault for not taking my studies seriously.

But then, life goes on… my sophomore year began to be colourful as soon as my friends and I started to hang out again and had our food trip at different places from malls, to restos and famous milk tea places.

And as our program starts to get tougher with our business idea generation and writing a paper on three product ideas that can be of viable today, I started thinking bigger things… From a “newbie”, I realized how things are going fast. Was time being used wisely for me? My college life seems to be on its halfway and yet I still don’t really know what I wanted to do in it to make it more productive.

Something kept bugging me on deciding whether I’d just be a simple student or more. And as I kept myself busy (again and again), an opportunity appeared, will I take it or not?

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