The Red Journey: Friendship

CHAPTER 2: Friendship


Friendship, as what they say, is something that is hard to find. If you’re going to look at quantity, some people would not agree that it is hard to find at all, but when quality is what you’re aimed at, that is where true friendship falls on.

Being on a new journey, it means that I am again on a new path and back to zero. Everything was new and there’s just nothing I can do with it because that is how life goes. Friends are easy to find, but true friends takes time. That is what I learned on my college journey about friendship.

Friendship is not just being with a group of people to be ‘in’ or not to be ‘left out’. In college, most of the connotation of friendship simply falls on the dilemma of every freshman: the “I don’t want to look like a dead-kid” dilemma. Everyone seems like wanted to be on the popular page, except for some… including me.

Having a lot of friends is the least thing that I wanted to have during college, well, maybe that’s too harsh but it never crossed my mind to be that ‘popular’ or to be regarded to as the ‘Mr. Congeniality’ or Mr. Friendship’ among the batch. I just don’t want any of it, because… maybe because, I don’t really see myself as friendly. My high school friends say that it’s hard to be my friend, because I’m so damn straightforward but hey, this is what I want, right? I don’t want to live in the Tupperware world (because the term ‘plastic’ is too mainstream and it’s cheap), if you know what I mean.

Fast forward, I met this group of silent people at college, well, that’s what I thought too at first, but it was the other way around…Well, it turned out they were the friends I stayed with for the rest of my college life…and even after college.

Just, Belle, and Rachel were my closest among the good friends I had during college, not as many like those of the others, only because I chose the best of the best. They are someone I can share everything I know with without the worries of ‘kiss and telling’ it to others. Those three were some of the first people I met during first year, and completing the list was our new classmate, Yen, a shifter from another program. We called ourselves the “Orange Family”, and the rest was history.

From the funny conversations to the meaningful heart-to-heart talks, and the World War –like fights, we remained true to ourselves and to the family that we had grown up on college with. This proves that for you to be friends, you do not necessary need to have the same likes or same characteristics, because we had a different taste in our group. All you need is the loyalty and the understanding to be the wall and shoulder of one another when in need.

Friendship is like a fruit shake; you may not like the fruit individually when you come to think of it, but when it’s blended you’ll learn to appreciate the sweetness of one, the sourness of the other and the over-all flavour, in the end, is what matters most. You’ll know that in the end, you learned and enjoyed each other’s company and the memories you have created is something that you would want to remember forever.


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