The Red Journey: A Path of Finding Myself

They say, there’s nothing better than reminiscing good old times… Well, if there’s one thing that comes into my mind (right now) when I reminisce things,  it’s my college days, oh those roller coaster college times we had that I enjoyed the most: happiness, sadness, a little bit of bitterness but it’s always a good time. Let me share them to all of you through my 8-chapter articles of learning and experiences in college entitled: “The Red Journey”.


Chapter One: Freshmen Times

As I enter the red premises, butterflies begin to mingle in my stomach. “Am I making the right decision?” I asked myself. As my brother accompanied me to the guidance office, they asked me: “Harley, are you open for the entrance exam tomorrow?” Shocked, my brother answered “yes” on my behalf.

It was something that I really cannot explain…something that kept bugging me all night. Is RED the right one for me? What if it isn’t? Hallucinations begin to play around my mind while I prepare myself for the day, a day that can change everything in an instant. That day has come and I knew what I was capable of, I knew that I did great in that exam. The feeling was great, but nervousness struck me again. I kept thinking of tomorrow.

That very first day of school set-up was like a song being re-played over and over again.  It seems like everything is just the same and similar just as my old high school “first day of school” days were. But I knew this time; it’s going to be different. The environment itself is. I was surrounded by pure Filipinos and not Fil-Chinese anymore. At that time, I feel like there was no one to talk to or to relate those topics that I know with.

Two days have gone and I still can’t find myself. Feeling so lost and kind of homesick as what they always say. I closed my eyes and told myself: “This is the time.” Friends came. Friends arrived on the very moment when I needed them most. I was happy, I was glad. I was finally being the person that I want to be, but I know it is not enough.

Days, weeks and months came, challenges and obstacles rose. That feeling of new and at the same time fresh makes me nervous as hell. I always thought “when will this end?” I have always thought of myself wearing that red toga and I just can’t wait for that day when I finally bid goodbye to college and say hello to the real word.

From unforgettable video shoots, national service training program services, group works and projects and countless paper works, we were there, accepting the challenge, we were facing what freshmen college life is. Everything just keeps getting tougher as days progress. I told myself that I am ready, but inside, asked: “until when am I going to be ready?”

During freshmen days in the RED world, similar to every other coloured world there are, you will definitely and absolutely feel like those whom other years say as the: “pitiful” ones for there were many things that are required, literally (I know you can relate). No, no mentioning since there are many more freshmen to come (laughs). The thing is, it felt like and I felt it that if you were a freshmen, you still have to go through a lot, a lot I say.

There are so many memories that my freshmen year brought me. There were plenty of firsts; there were plenty of fears encountered. But one thing’s for sure, I was being the right person that I should be. It has brought me joys and sorrows, oh I remembered every little fight I had with them, every little fun and laughter we shared and every adventure that we have been through. And yes, this year I got my first two Dean’s List awards, which I never expected I’d have, but thanks to it that I realized maybe… maybe I’m capable of doing something great in my four-year stay in college.

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