What makes life worth living?

imageLife is something that is so mysterious that you’d have to go on miles and miles just to find yourself… like what they used to say, it’s a mystery that you will find joy with when you are able to live it right. But many of us wonder, how do you live life right? What makes life worth living?

As we go along pondering what the real meaning of life is, we encounter mistakes, joy, sorrow, excitement, peace, relaxation, and oftentimes, confusion. These things define how we live our life from day to day. Of course, you wouldn’t want to live your life with sorrow right? because these things do not define how we live our life. Often, we think that life is the reason of of what we feel but little that we know we make our life.

Yes, you got that right. The word ‘Destiny’ is often misunderstood as an automatic-like way of making our lives either happy or miserable. People think that way in order to excuse themselves when they just made the wrong decision. Decision is the key word here. Our life is made of how we respond to it and destiny makes the opportunities happen for us to decide with.

We are often blinded by our capability to make the right decision because of the good things we get from the wrong ones, even though, most of the time, we are aware of what the right one is. It’s just like eating ice cream even you’ve got the tonsillitis, because it’s so damn delicious. Each and everyone of us has our own guilty pleasures that even though it gets a little too much already sometimes, we cannot control ourselves: it has been our own perceptual bias.

How do you overcome them? Everything is a matter of self-discipline and control. But what is more important is not how you overcome them but to make yourself  think of the right things, because when you overcome, it may still go back, but when you are able to make things right, then you can not make it happen again.

Indeed life is something so powerful that even science cannot explain how to live it right. Because it is intended to be lived differently from one person to the other. Always remember that living your life the way you want it is the first step of living a right life, because no person (in the right thinking) would ever want to live a bad one.

Just remember that no one is responsible of your life but yourself and you are always worth it. Make the most out of it by giving yourself the best and sharing them to your loved one.

What makes life worth living are your goals in life: what you’ve always wanted to become and achieve, what you know you are capable of doing, what you do best, what you enjoyndoing most, your hobbies, collections, ambition, dreams and wants.

What makes life worth living is your family: the people whom you care about the most. The people who has always been at your side to support and encourage you throughout your endeavours, achievements and the people who will always be there for you no matter what.

What makes life worth living are your friends: those whom you share your secret crushes with, those who you laugh with and feel comfortable with, those who understands your craziness, those who admire you for your thruthfulness, those whom you consider your bestest friends.

What makes life worth living is your partner: the half of your life, your soulmate, the person who stays with you through ups and downs, the person that makes you smile, knows every tears that falls in your cheek, the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

What makes life worth living is God Almighty: the One who never fails to lift you up when you’re down, your Saviour, your greatest ally, the one that will never leave you behind, your source of strength and will and wisdom. The One you owe your life to, the One that teaches you the real meaning of life.

Each and everyone of them brings a memory that you’d love to reminisce… They are the things that makes you strong, the people whom you’d want to dedicate your success with, the people who will always be in your heart. The people who makes your life really worth living.


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