A Mother’s Unconditional Love


Two decades ago, a child was born, a child that truly enlightened a radiant flower. The flower was so beautiful that everyone loved. She was a smart woman, opinionated, idealistic, and proactive and most importantly, a fighter. She has always believed in giving more than what she can, and so the love that she have exerted to the child was truly immeasurable. Through the years, she has raised two smart children, with the help of her beloved husband. Together, they have surpassed so many challenges and fought every obstacle that came into their way. Yes, they were the perfect couple that everyone thought they were. Their love was ubiquitous that everyone in their lives felt it as well.

The children grew and lived their wonderful life, with the couple, enjoying life with love and lived peacefully. Through the years, the children have always believed how lucky they were to be loved unconditionally. They never experienced being left out and taken for granted. The couple gave everything to the children, from material things to good education pretty-carnation_422_79211and most importantly, love and support. Everything was doing great until the unexpected happened.

The flower weakened and got sick. And through her sickness, her ever-loving husband and children were always there, giving her all the support that she needed, to recover and pick herself up again. She fought for her sickness: she was truly a great fighter. Hours, days, weeks, months, and years passed as the love prevailed over the family, trying to be with each other through thick and thin, making most out of everything they have. The radiant flower fought well, but, it was her time to be with her Creator.

It always breaks my heart when I remember everything. Seeing you suffer breaks my heart and hurt us big time. I hated how I can’t do anything to save the mother that I have always leaned on when I was a child. I have always remembered all the things you told me about living the life that you wanted for me. You have always been at our side when we needed you, and I know I have been with yours when you needed me most. Thank you for being the best mother to us. It’s almost eight months since you’ve been gone, but it seems like forever. We really miss you. I know that you are happy at peace now and I’m so happy because you’ve got everything that you have always wanted before leaving this world.

No words can actually express how we love you. You are the BEST. That is one thing that I can always say proudly to everyone. You’re the BEST because you are not just a MOTHER, but also our GRANDMOTHER. Thank you because never have we felt incomplete; because you were there to fill them up. Thank you for making us the person that we are today. Thank you for being proud of every milestone that we have achieved and I promise that I’ll never stop making you proud.

To the most wonderful woman in our life, a woman as beautiful as a flower and as radiant as ever, to the person who lived her whole life serving others and making them feel her unconditional love, we will forever love you.

From you most loving husband and children,



And to all the super moms out there, thank you for every little sacrifices that you make for your loved one, you are truly inspiring. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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