Life as How You Want it to Be

Chapter 1: The Art of Making Mistakes…


We are all human beings. We are not perfect; we tend to make decisions that might have resulted to something we did not tend to happen. Each and every one of us has already experienced the same. Each one of us already know how hard it is to live a life with regrets and sorrow telling ourselves that we shouldn’t have done it.

Some were born great, some have greatness upon them already, but you know what all of them have in common? They don’t let their mistakes be the reason for their downfall. They see their mistake as an opportunity to change what they failed to change before, to see what they did not saw and to feel what they didn’t felt. Change is not really hard, that is what they have realized after every mistake that they encounter. Change is indeed something that everyone should develop within.

People might start asking: if some were born great, while some have already have that greatness within them, then how about the others? The normal people? You know what the answer is? NONE. Because those first two that I have mentioned are the only people living in this world. We are ALL great; we all have greatness within us. It is just a matter of time, and most importantly, a matter of hard work. It is the root of all the greatness ever made.

Mistakes are inevitable. You just cannot stop from making them because it is who we are. It is our imperfections that make us perfect. People who believe that they don’t make mistakes are the ones who are actually mistaken. You see, never be afraid to take the chances because as everyone says it, “You Only Live Once”.

Life has the three C’s. Chance, Choice and Change. You just have to take your chances, every opportunity that comes into your way, grab it and make the right choice. There are twists and turns and if you made a mistake, change it, change yourself for the better. What is important is that you learned life’s lesson.

It is just irony in reality where you’ll just have to experience things first, you have to fall over and over again before you learn life’s lessons: different from how we were educated in schools and universities but if there is one thing that I’ve realized on what life might bring…

“Life has only two outcomes, either you WIN or you LEARN.”

Never be afraid to learn and never stop learning. Because for as long as you learn, you are living your life right.


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