Back from the Past



Ten years ago, I hoped to be the person that I am today. I wished to write things which captures my interest. I dreamed to be a writer. I want people to read the things that I have written and I have been trying my best to make these things possible. Today, in this blog, I have published over sixty articles but if there’s one thing that others don’t know, is that I’ve written so many things before. Yes, I have some unpublished articles that is from the past. Social problems and realities have been some of the things that I had my eye on before. I guess I have been very observant and curious that makes it easy for me to write things that really bothers me.

Let me share to you some of the past and unpublished articles that I have written through my new category: “Back from the Past”. These articles are more than five years already and I am proud to say that they are worthy of being published here. None the less, thank you for your continuous support on my blog, A Glimpse of Reality and may this blog inspired all of the other “writer-wannabes” to write as many things as they can and pursue on their talent.

“Writing begins with the will to be heard, curiosity to make a stand, and mind to start.”

-Harley Dave Chua

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