Back from the Past: The Contradictory View of Science & Religion

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Science vs. Religion…

Science is the study of life as what its definition states. It has many branches to which stems to different fields of study or specialization. Religion, on the other hand, is based on belief or culture of the people in Gods and the likes. It may be in the religion of Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Buddhism and etc. There are many religions in our world we live in but it is up to our own free will what religion we will choose to believe in.

When we talk about science, we often associate it with the so-called scientific method being taught from elementary level of schooling and expounded on the secondary level and so-on. It is through this method that we will be able to conduct experimentation  observe, formulate hypothesis, analyse and discuss and lastly to wrap up with conclusions and recommendations with significant basis. It is a tedious task but the answers are said to be accurate. This method as what we may say has a very rational way of thinking wherein objectivity is important and is well-considered.

On the other hand, religion is based primarily on the culture of the society as well as the environment people live in. Unlike science, belief on one’s religion is said to be based on the free will of man. Religion’s basis is on the so-called words of God and is moralize through sacred scriptures often so-called the Bible for Christians or Koran for Muslims as well as other scriptures being said to be words of wisdom and thought from the heavens. Religion can be said to be also rational in which it defends the good and promotes the righteousness for the people. While science deals with gathered data and information, religion deals with the humanism of the world, that is being in the nature of man and the world for it has been said in the Bible that man is created in the image of God. Religion has a humanistic approach to viewing situations or circumstances which promotes the use of common sense as well as upholding the values or principles of the people. Science has a more rational way of explaining situations. Religion can be said to be like that of heart, while science can be considered as the brain.

Through the years, there has always been a clash towards the difference of beliefs of Science and Religion, years ago, I watched a movie which tackled the core idea of Earth being or not the center of the universe. There were two sides to elaborate the issue;the first one side is based on science while the other side is based on religion. On the basis of Science, we found the famous scientist, Galileo, stating that the Earth is only a planet on the solar system and that the Sun is the center of the solar system to where the planets revolve around.

On the Religion’s side, it has been stated that the Earth is center of the universe and everything else revolves around it because Earth is where humans live to which they base their point of view that God created the world and man so everything revolves around them. This is an obvious debate between science and religion to which the first side presents data and proof evidence while the other side presents basis from beliefs.

This argument may seem to never end because different people have different perspective of viewing things and it is up to them what to believe in or where to take side. The argument between science and religion can be said to be applicable in the current era popular in the issue of birth control. Again, we see that there are rational views together with the humanistic claims; Science vs. Church. Although people cannot force other people to do what they don’t want to do, I believe that the arguments point to a certain objective or purpose that is considering the beneficial claims for the people.

If I am asked which side I will take, I would have to say that I will consider balance for the rational science and for the humanistic approach because I believe that there is no absolute idea that can be said that it is the only right thing to do. I mean, people are given free-will and mind of intellect, and it is up for everyone to think and consider what the right things to be done are and what will be beneficial to them as well as for everyone concerned. There is no need to force people to believe or take on the side if they don’t feel or if they don’t want to. I believe that people are given the freedom and mind to decide for what is good/ beneficial to them. 

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