The Importance of Human Resource towards Corporate Success

I used to think just like others when it comes to human resource management. Before, I thought that it is just for employment purposes that companies hire HR people to handle all essential things that needs to be done, and just select people from all those who applied in the company. But taking up a HR subject during college days made me realize how important Human Resource Management is. Not only does HRM is engaged in hiring employees, but it is also responsible for the proper flow of the company through managing these employees.

Employees play an important role for they are the ones who are more engaged in the process of the business. It is important for employees to know that they are given the importance so that they can feel happy about their jobs.

As what I’ve learned, Human Resource Management are the practices that companies follow through a systematic way on how to employ different, strong and unique individuals and allocate jobs and tasks for more systematic and accurate outcomes. Not only is HRM responsible for proper employee selection, but also to train them in bringing out each one’s competitiveness within.

It is not a doubt that the role of Human Resource Management has tremendously changed over the years. Aside from just being associated with hiring, it is now considered as one of the important process that companies spend large amount on in order for them to have a good results on proper employee selection.

Human Resource Management has indeed build its standard as the one who sets the standards of the company. Companies nowadays put more effort in training their employees so that their employees can be knowledgeable enough to know all the necessary things that needs to be utilized for better production.

Following these practices and systems would surely contribute in building a stronger force of employee handling and create a more competitive edge towards the company’s competitors.

Human Resource Management also focuses on connecting and bringing different employees, and individuals of unique quality into one, building a stronger and indestructible relationship among all the stakeholders in the company.

Another important thing about Human Resource Management is that employees are also being protected from experiencing discriminations and sexual abuses through the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) where it allows employees to be able to express themselves in a good way, without being discriminated (regarding with their race, nature, beliefs, religion, etc.) . It is an act imposed for the employees’ protection and welfare.

Equal Employment Opportunity opens a lot of opportunities for employees to show their competitiveness within the company. This, I believe would create a more favourable, clean and unbiased workplace, that would make the operations of the company more productive and thus, would result to the betterment of the company, with a good relationship with its stakeholders.

Another important thing that I’ve learned with Human Resource Management is how attitudes play an important role in defining the personality of employees. In my own point of view, people could have both positive and negative attitudes within, it just depends on how others would really see it.

Attitude defines a person. No matter how good a person’s performance is, but with a bad attitude, he would never be appreciated and be loved by others. In the workplace, people like this should be immediately reprimanded.

Attitude also plays an important role in defining how big the capabilities are of a certain person. If the boss really sees a good potential with a particular employee because of having a charisma and the self-confidence to stand out and speak with intelligence and poise with humbleness, then he is perceived to have a good attitude, and therefore could be subject to appraisal and even promotion.

As entrepreneurship students, we must learn how Human Resource Management works and how it does proper employee handling because it is essential for us to be able to know our employees as well when the time comes that we establish our own business.

Knowing employees well can be a great factor for if they would feel that their employers are kind enough to approach them, share knowledge and experiences with them and even praise them whenever they do something good, as long as employers are able to build this kind of relationship with every single employees that they employ, it is not a doubt that the business’ workforce would be strong and this is the time when employees are also able to repay the favour that you’ve given them by showing better performance which would make the business’ operations more productive.

Human Resource Management seeks to bring together all the stakeholders of the company as one. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are the ones who should only have good relationships. Employers and company owners should also consider maintaining good relationships with all of their employees so that it would be a healthier environment for everyone to work.

Human Resource’s goal is to create a competitive workforce as possible in order to promote, connect and develop fully-trained and achievement-oriented individuals who are always willing to bring out the best in them.

As future entrepreneurs, it is our job to pick out and lead the best employees in order for us to open an opportunity for a wider employment to those that are really willing and deserving. We should lead them well and make them feel that they are given the importance in order for the company to grow and prosper with a healthy environment.

Through this scenario, I believe that good relationships among company owners and their stakeholders opens a wider opportunity for partnerships with other interested stakeholders, promote a healthy workplace for everyone and inspire other entrepreneurs to always strive for excellence and bring out the best not only within but also to others by leading well.

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