Blogging 101

I have been blogging for like three years now and very much humbled by your wonderful comments. But there are a few who captured my attention since they said that they are an aspiring writers too and asking for my advice for people like them. Well, wow that’s really great and I want to thank you for it is truly an honor for me to be asked like that since I myself is not a professional blogger but you know, I do have some tips for writer-wannabes like us. Here are eight ways on how to write your own blog:

1.Know Your Interests. In writing, the first thing that you have to think of is yourself, like what your interests are and what you like most. From there, you will find your inspiration to write about and you know that you are on the right track since you know these things well already.

2.K.I.S.S. it. Of course, when writing blogs and articles, I do think that the best way to make these things is to apply the KISS method: “Keep it Short and Simple”. Just go straight to the point and say what you feel. Writing a long work is more like for professional and serious matters like thesis and the likes. If you want to start by just stating your opinions, thoughts like what I’m doing, just KISS it.

3.Know your readers. Even in the business world, you have to know your target market for you to be able to come up and sell a product, right? So that concept goes the same way with writing too. Know who your readers are, probably those who share the same interests like yours or your article.

4.Be your own reader. This is something that I do often. I read my own articles and try to put myself in my readers’ shoe, whether my article is good enough to be understood and to be applied for. By doing this, you create that connection with your readers and they can feel you too. This is also a good thing to check grammar, spelling and any other corrections in your articles too.

5.Be an opportunity seeker. Of course, one great characteristics of a writer is his ability to make an opportunity into an idea that results in writing. You have to be as creative as possible because every little thing you see is an opportunity.

6.Be open-minded. As what I have said in my ‘about the blog’ page, not everyone will like your work, so you just have to deal with it. People may correct you, criticize you and judge you. Be open enough to accept these statements and use it for your betterment. In the end, it’s always your opinion that matters.

7.Write positive things. Some blogs were created to put judgments, criticisms and people’s hatred to come alive. These are hate blogs and are just too negative. Put the positivity back in the real world by inspiring people; make them feel the essence of life worth living. Write good and positive things that will reflect the positive energy to your readers.

8.Be yourself. Last but not the least is to be a uniquely different writer. Write to express and inspire people. Write the things that you know instead of the things that people want you to. It’s always important that readers know your writing because how you write and the way you write makes your readers know you more and as they read your writings, they know you better and better.

Of course, there are so much more tips but for me, these are some of the most important for aspiring writers. Always remember that writing defines who you are. Through writing, you are able to express yourself from the most inner part of your thinking and it clearly reflects a person.

Love Writing. To be able to become a writer, you must first love what you do. Love is the main key word here that combines all of the things mentioned. If you love what you are doing, then it is simply not a job, or work or even a hobby; it is your life.

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