What’s with REPUTATION?

Harley and his Reputation. If you know me, then the word ‘REPUTATION’ comes next.  I have always known by my friends and colleagues as the only one who always say ‘don’t ruin my reputation’. Well, I tend to laugh at myself for it, actually, but, I just got used to it. I have been giving much importance to it through the years that I just wanted to share to you guys what it really means for me.

Reputation defined. In order for me to help you, first let us define what ‘Reputation’ is. According to Wikipedia, reputation is an opinion about that entity, typically a result of social evaluation on a set of criteria. It may be considered as a component of identity as defined by others. Reputation is known to be ubiquitous, spontaneous and highly efficient mechanism of social control in natural societies.

While Wikipedia defines it in a broader and theoretical approach, Merriam Webster defines it as an overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general, recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability and a place in public esteem or regard: good name.

There’s more than to what you know. These definitions clearly states what reputation is yet it does not absolutely capture what I want you to know, that is because for me, reputation means giving yourself the worth of respect. It gives you the value of trust and pride for your own accomplishments. Yes, the word defines a good name, in the sense that that name is trustworthy enough to be believed in.

I have always demanded reputation because I know I am worthy to be respected; everyone is, if they just give respect to themselves. Some people tend to be careless on their actions that they do not realize how judgemental people can be. I am not saying that you have to act for others, but give yourself the worthy to be judged positively by acting right, right?

The importance of reputation. On my past blog article entitled: “10 things to live by”, which happens to be my most commented article (with more than a hundred comments), reputation was on my top three. You see how I give value to it so much? It’s because I know that the one I’m talking about is different from what everyone else think. Reputation is not just about being famous, or being the talk-about person, it is more on the visible side of your capabilities.

For me, reputation is knowing in yourself that others know what you are capable of doing. If you are good at speaking, writing, or you are good in academics, then you have built your reputation through these accomplishments and others know it, and they will know you more. The essence of reputation is not flaunting your talents, but rather letting others appreciate it to give them inspiration of pursuing excellence as well.

What’s with reputation? People often ask me that question over and over and over again that I came to realize that I have been selling the word too much already yet they still don’t get it. One thing’s for sure, if you love yourself, if you trust yourself, if you believe in yourself and most importantly, if you give respect to yourself, then you are worthy of reputation. Build it and make it grow: inspire others because reputation is building your own character and standing out with it in a world that if full of ordinary things.

“A good reputation is more valuable than money.”Publilius Syrus

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