Life is a Survival of the Fittest


Everywhere you go today, there is competition. People have become so competitive that it’s hard to be just like everyone else. During my childhood days, I thought that doing is enough. I fail to realize that doing is simply acting; no emotions are attached to it. Emotions play an important role because it drives you to go the extra mile. It enables a person to do things that he cannot simply because of feeling that emotion: from being happy, excited, or nervous and even angry, it affects one’s action.

“Survival of the Fittest”, a term used by Charles Darwin, is the best way to describe what life is these days. I cannot say that it is not a good thing, because it is actually great. Yet it could have been better if people would be as competitive as possible to stand out from the crowd even before, if that happened way back, then there wouldn’t be much problem right now.

People change. That’s the moral of the story:  you simply cannot judge people and call them stupid again and again because we all are capable of learning. And as years progress, we learn more and we grow. Those who belittle and criticize you again and again will eventually find themselves the ones who are stupid because they failed to realize that you have learned from them and grew much more than what they think.

Life is crowded. You have to make yourself not only to fit with the puzzle piece but to go beyond it. Work smart; develop yourself further as you mature and as life gives you an opportunity to. Learn to be the change and change the way others think of you; give them more. Be more than just a simple person; learn to go well with the spotlight because when you do, there’s no stopping you from doing what you do best.

Be the best that you can be, because in the end, “life is a survival of the fittest: only the fittest organisms will prevail.”

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