Happiness is Worth Struggling

Life, a never-ending experience…

That’s what you can hear most people say to others… “For as long as you live, you will always learn something new every day” You know what I say? Every day is a struggle. You have to fight for you to know what you want; you have to look if you want to see, to feel for you to act, to hear others for you to speak yourself. Life can be a struggle or maybe it is actually about struggling.

Every day is a struggle. You have to decide for you to move on, even though that choice might bring some happiness while some misery. You have to be as competitive as possible if you want to be on top, if you want to be known. Stand to be seen and speak to be heard. Each and every struggle you make brings you closer to your dreams. But that dream, that dream that awaits you could bring you more, more struggle.

You can never be spoon-fed with everything. Things will not automatically walk upon you to be benefitted of. You have to make the first move. Think to be thought of, walk to be knowledgeable of. Goals and dreams in life is not made just to be an imaginary thought forever, it was made for a clearer vision of what you should do today.

Life is a struggle. You have to make the most out of every struggle you make to know if it is worth being happy for, if it was worth your life. Every struggle you take is a beautiful beginning of learning what life is and what more can it be. You just have to be willing to take those struggles and do not let them tear you apart.

In struggling, you may find peace. You may find completeness and you may find happiness. Struggling doesn’t mean that you have to hurt others; it doesn’t mean that you have to fight for yourself; it only means that you have to act for what is best for you. Understand to be understood, Love to be loved and most importantly, struggle to be happy. Because happiness is indeed worth struggling for.

2 thoughts on “Happiness is Worth Struggling

  1. The very last sentence was the perfect conclusion to this “Because happiness is indeed worth struggling for.” I’ve been struggling with this concept for a long time. I always felt that because I struggled, I would being deprived of the time I could be happy. Adversity is merely a rite of passage towards happiness because through challenge, we learn to work through and find the beauty in struggle.

    Thank you for this post and I will go ahead and follow you for another jewel like this post.


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