Why Entrepreneurship?

Before, I used to ask myself about the course that I took, BS Entrepreneurship. Is it really the course of my dreams? Do I really want it? When I was in my high school days, I’ve always wanted to take several courses. But frankly speaking, taking up business and entrepreneurship is not one of them.  Growing up in a Chinese family, as early as a child can be, I was already faced with responsibilities. One of which was helping with our family business. I may not be the eldest, nor the youngest, still, I knew where to place myself and live up to their dreams.

Business has always been a part of our culture. Chinese people are good in business, as what others have already percepted. My family has always been associated with business that made it inevitable for me not to know what it is. Even at a young age, I was already part of our family corporation, helping  them in managing. All of their courses are in line with business, banking, accounting, commerce. I’ve encountered several dilemmas on Chinese family problems about children being forced to take up a business course, and I’ve always hated that culture.

I was not forced by the way. I’ve always liked advertising, I’ve always liked culinary. Yet I chose to study entrepreneurship because I know that it is going to be something that is worth my time and our money. I have to think smart in knowing which course to take, then I realized, thinking smart is like being a business minded person, you really have to think of the different strategies so that you will not have a net loss. I’ve always been amazed of how businesses are strategically handled and run, do I have the right mindset to study Entrepreneurship?

Right now, I am just a year away before graduating in this course. For the past three years, I’ve taken up the course which I never thought I would be taking, and if you want to ask me if I regretted taking it up, I would have to say NO. It is a big no indeed. For the past three years, I’ve loved it. I’ve realized that choosing a course is like choosing the path of your future. You have to think smart. If I chose what I liked over business and entrepreneurship, I would probably just studying how to cook, or drawing on advertising. But you see, these things CAN wait. I can always learn on how to cook, and I can always learn proper advertising through my course. Entrepreneurship is clearly not a waste of money!

Entrepreneurship is so flexible! The course has a lot to offer! You can study almost all the fields there is and have knowledge about it! You will be tackling even those you might say is not related in the course. I’ve tackled biology, statistics, law on obligations and contracts, taxation, agriculture, accounting, marketing, and so much more! These subjects might not be a major subject of business, but businessmen should have proper knowledge on these things, that is why you’ll actually learn more than your major in Entrepreneurship.

It teaches Responsibility and Character. Businessmen should have the right mindset of being. Entrepreneurship teaches innovation, something that is behind all of the wonderful things in life which includes your gadgets. And the most important part, it doesn’t limit a person. You can be something that you want, and open a business out of it, EASY! It doesn’t require you not to commit mistakes. Because most of the successful entrepreneurs and businessmen have failed several times before reaching what they are right now. Everything is a matter of hard work and determination.

Entrepreneurship is not something that is less than those of the course with board exams. Entrepreneurship is HARD! Making a business plan is hard, and running your own is harder. The future is in innovation, which is being created by entrepreneurs. And I am not saying this because I am an entrepreneurship student. It’s because it is true. You know what is one thing that entrepreneurs have that others don’t? It’s their ability to be different. They take risks, and are not afraid of it. They are smart yet extremely outgoing, they are serious but takes fun more serious. Yes, they are weird, in the most awesome way.

If you are an entrepreneurship student, be proud of your course! It is HARD. And if you are an entrepreneur, prove those who say you cannot WRONG. Stand up for innovation, stand up for success!

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