50 Ways to Cope with STRESS

I saw this picture in some of the famous social net-working sites and it suddenly came into my mind to write something about this since I am a fan of coping-with-stress topics. :)) anyways, I have decided to put up another category on my blog (not again) because I believe that these fifty ways should be properly criticized (by yours truly) based on what I believe with my own personal experiences. :)) The picture seems to says it all…some facts are absolutely correct and I strongly agree while the others seems to be a little bit disturbing for me. hmm….:)) well, we all have our opinions, right? And in this life, we make our own rules. We have the freedom to do whatever we want except those of that is prohibited, of course. What I’m gonna do is to elaborate on some of the points I find interesting on these fifty ways while telling you guys if I strongly agree or disagree with it. Will keep you guys posted! :))







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