Food Blog: The Beginning

Well, since it’s summer and I’ve got nothing to do, I’ve decided to add something in my blog. Something that wouldn’t only capture my eyes but also my tummy! =)

As what they say, summer is the time for food tripping. When you’re living here in the Philippines, of course you’ll know that most of the Filipinos love to eat. Eating is simply not munching something edible for Filipinos, eating is a way of expression. It is a way to express how Filipinos value eating. Of course, there are a lot of feelings involved during eating: a person might be full of joy when eating, and for some, it is a way of expressing depression.

So why has eating become a person’s habit of expressing feelings? Because everybody loves to eat. =) It is essential for us Homo Sapiens to survive. We’ve been doing that for years and years and I believe that it has made this attachment with us that we’re able to insert different feeling while doing it.  Okay, enough with this explanations and lets start “eating!” =))

My family and I usually go out during weekends to eat at different restaurants. That is why I’ve decided to upload the different restos and other places we’ve gone to during my summer break.

Reminder: I’m not paid to say these things about the restaurants, and also not advertising them. haha =) This is my blog so I post things that I like.

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