First up!

Okay, lets start the food blogging! 🙂

Some of my food get-aways during summer are:

A. Tender Bob’s

If there’s any American Resto that we’ve gone through the most, that would be Tender Bob’s. We just love eating there! The food are great and delicious! It would surely go straight to your tummies!

B. Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

Then there came the Pizza! 🙂 When you talk about pizzas, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. never fails to get on the list! We also love to hang out there and as always, the pizzas are great! From pizza, to pasta, they have it! I actually remember celebrating my birthdays here with some friends and family…Ah, great memories! great food, summer loving!

From dishes, let’s go to beverages!

C. Starbucks

Because of the summer heat, we need some iced cold beverage to refresh our minds up! That is why my brother and I usually hang out at Starbucks (since there’s a branch near our house) to get some of their famous frappuccino! Starbucks has already become our get-away-from-heat-and-stress place since the ambiance and the beverages matches up together.

And aside from their frappes, their pastries are also something to look forward to in ordering… And my most favorite of them all is their Banoffee Pie! It never fails to satisfy my sweet-tooth! =D

D. UCC Coffee

Aside from Starbucks, my family also hang out at  UCC Coffee….

If you want something to eat aside from pastries, then it is the perfect spot for lunch since the cafe also serves pastas and rice meals. Aside from the nice ambiance, their food are also great to hang out to and relax. 🙂

They also have delicious frappes and fresh juice. One of them is actually my fave! Their Fresh Kiwi Juice 😀

For the first up food get-aways, here are the places we’ve been through! 🙂 All is delicious and mouth-watering! =D I promise to post more since I still got a lot of food pictures 😉 Hope you guys had fun!

Always remember that eating is good! haha! 🙂

Well, that’s it for now! oh and may I repeat, I’m not making an advertisement or whatsoever to tell and mention these restos! These are just really some of our favorites! 😀

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