What Keeps Me Going

I’ve always been asked on what came into my mind when I realised I wanted to lose weight. Some also asked what motivated me to change, and what keeps the motivation on even though it has been four years since I started. No one can’t deny that I’m a foodie. It’s no doubt that around…Read more What Keeps Me Going


10 Great BGC Restos to go Solo

We’ve all been through Valentine’s Day with a mindset of having someone to celebrate it with. That’s why it has always been a stereotype that it’s the day where all the single ladies (and gents) are most bitter of (ever). Well, not those single people out there who are happy and contented with or without…Read more 10 Great BGC Restos to go Solo

18 4 2018

1. 2018 is probably one of the most life-changing year for me, so far. This is the year that I’ll choose myself not because I have to, but because I deserve it. 2. This is going to be the year to start new things; things that I haven’t tried before. Things that I’ve always been…Read more 18 4 2018


Last One

1. This is probably the last one.  I know that it has been a difficult roller coaster ride for us but I’m happy that I got wonderful memories to cherish, beautiful stories to tell and past that I can look back to, to move forward and make things right for myself. 2. This is probably…Read more Last One



  I suddenly had this idea of writing a birthday article (yes, today is my birthday) and it’s by far the quickest and most impromptu article I’ve written here. Now, where do I begin? Let’s rewind from 8 years ago, I was at college that time when I had this vision of what would life…Read more Twenty-Five


Life Beyond Social Media

In a world where technological advancement is rapid, we have been so dependent to the internet world lately. We might not admit it but most of us depends on internet in so many things; from researches, to reading news articles, and of course, our social media applications. Our day-to-day lives revolve around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,…Read more Life Beyond Social Media


Korean Fever

Annyeong! It's that time of the month again where I get to post and like what I posted on my IG account (@HarleyChua) last time, we're going Korean food trippin' this time! Korean restos are booming these days and what better ways to know them than trying them myself and because I personally am a…Read more Korean Fever