Introduce Yourself with Style

I bet everyone had their own share of memories back at school. And what could be more exciting than the "Introduce yourself" portion of the beginning of classes?  Well, not really for me back then. It was actually the time when I wished I was absent from attending my classes. I hated speaking in public…Read more Introduce Yourself with Style

Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 1)

Who would have thought that there's a place in Makati City called Little Tokyo? Yes, you got that right! And for those of you who loves Japanese food as much as I do, I'm so sure that you'll like it here! It's basically a group of Japanese Restaurants all together, and what's more cool is…Read more Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 1)

Simple & Classy

We've come to a point where everything is changing these days. It has become inevitable as we go along with our daily lives, from technology to fashion, you'll see yourself behind everything else if you don't change. Sometimes I think that society has become way too much observe with changing that it defeats the purpose…Read more Simple & Classy


Philippines is known to have some of the best tourist spots in the world; and when it comes to the word "paradise", there couldn't be no other place than El Nido, Palawan. One summer getaway that my colleague and I went on was this gorgeous place in Palawan, Philippines called El Nido. Traveling there was…Read more #WheninElNido


Years of writing and thousands of readers around the world. Everything started from just a past-time hobby, hoping to help and inspire others.  Truly out of words for the wonderful comments and number of daily views despite of not being able to write and update everyday. I just want to thank you all. As I…Read more #AskHarley

From your Future-self

"If you had the chance to talk to the younger you, what would you like to tell yourself?" We've all made mistakes, crossed the wrong bridge and chose the wrong path. Oftentimes, we think of it as something we shouldn't have done; saying that "if only" statements, realizing how things could have been different. Like…Read more From your Future-self