Singapore & Malaysia Getaway Part 2

Malaysia, on the other hand, has always been known for its rich culture that has been preserved throughout the years. 

It never let the world’s advancement affect their unity as they take its rich culture as a strong foundation for its advancement, being one of the best growing country yearly.

After our wonderful Singapore experience, we now go to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. 

Aside from their incomparable love for their culture, Malaysians are known for being humble and respectful. As we wonder along the streets of Kuala Lumpur, we’ve encountered several Malaysian people whom we find to have these wonderful traits and qualities.

I must say, it was a different experience going around Kuala Lumpur as not only you’ll see how most of their tourists spots are in line with their culture, but also you’ll be amazed by how these were wonderfully preserved throughout the years. 

We’ve come to see some of their well known tourist spots and was lucky enough to have been able to climb their great Batu Caves.

It felt like an achievement when we were able to finish the cave and go inside where there were like a sacred place for them. Plus they’ve got tons of cute monkeys wandering around the caves too!

The highlight of the trip of course were being able to see their most famous building, the Petronas Twin Towers! And of course, Selfie-ing on it is definitely a must! 

If you think food-tripping around Singapore is fun and cheap, then you have to go to Kuala Lumpur to see something cheaper! The food was great as always, and it was definitely cheaper. 

Singapore and Malaysia are two different countries, but what is similar to both is how they have managed to grow and develop within, how they were able to use such advancements to ensure economic stability, how they have maintained their values, traditions and culture inspite of these advancementa and put it into something more valuable for them in return.

The places we’ve visited were amazing, it was truly a wonderful experience and best of all, I get to travel with my favorite “Lunch Buddies”. 


Singapore & Malaysia Getaway Part 1

It was mid 2015 when my “Lunch Buddies” and I decided to level up our getaways, from our usual local destinations to this time, something international. We’re going to Singapore and Malaysia! 

Singapore, also known as the Lion City, is one of the most developed country in Southeast Asia. Evident of which are its fast-growing economy, booming businesses, developed infrastructures and advanced techology. 

I believe that one main reason why Singapore has paved its way to the top, and has maintained its place through the years is their discipline to onesself. You’ll really feel that the people there has the sense of discipline from their usual actions, doing business, transacting with them, they all act professional, which is impressive.

And most of all, their tourist attractions are the best! We were able to get to some well-known places there and it was really amazing to see how they’ve developed these places through the years. 


Went to their so called “chinatown” where there were a lot of restaurants. If you’re looking forward to do food-trips at Singapore, this is one of the best and cheapest food-trip places for you. 


Of course, you don’t go to Singapore without going to the Universal Studios Singapore, right?  Felt like a kid again being able to see some cartoons that I grew up watching! And my heart almost fell off riding their extreme roller coaster rides, but all I can say is that it was FUN!


You know that exciting feeling of getting lost somewhere? Well I can always get lost in Singapore with their amazing night view! You’ll see their business districts all-light up at night. And like what everyone said, you’ve never been to Singapore if you don’t take a picture with their world-famous Mer-lion. 

And what is travelling without doing the most fun thing to do? Food-trips! We sure did a lot of food trips at Singapore, and it was indeed a tummy-filling experience!





Change was never a big word, what makes it big are people’s fear of making it happen.” ~ it was exactly the quote that I’ve written several years ago. People have always feared change; tried avoiding it, doing the same things over and over again and claim that doing it is part of the said “tradition”.

Well, as I write this article and as you read it going to work, getting some coffee, browsing the internet, chit-chatting with your friends or family, every single second of every little thing that we do changes. It has been a part of life that is inevitable. Time changes, and so does everything else. But the things is, if so much has changed over the time, then why don’t you allow yourself to those changes?

At some point in your life, you’ve got to make that decision. You have to choose whether to keep it as is for the rest of your life or choose to define what you want and work for it.

Almost two years ago, I’ve decided to do something, something that even I don’t know if I’ll be able to do at all. It was New Year’s eve of year 2014 that I’ve came up with the New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Well I’ve heard so many who said that and did not succeed coz, who doesn’t like to eat, right? But one thing I knew at that time is that inside that decision is the change that I wanted to see.

So yeah, I tried changing my lifestyle, slowly cutting off excess carbs, replacing processed food with fresh and organic ones, having controlled number of meals per day, gave up fast-food, sweets and sodas. There were a lot of sacrifices, and trust me, there were a lot of temptations.

But I guess that one thing that kept me going was that thing in mind that I wanted to see myself, the change that I want to happen. Of course, cutting my food intake was not enough, I needed to sweat it out, so I’ve decided to run and do the treadmill, from 30 minutes a day, I would increase the running time weekly, until I was running almost two hours a day.

Six months have passed and it felt like I won the lottery when the hard work finally paid off, I was losing more weight. Those early stages of exercising were the easiest part. The first half of the year, up to nine months, I was losing weight easily, but the so called “plateau” stage were the harder part. It is the stage when you are not losing weight because the body tries to adjust to your current body weight and lifestyle.

Nope, not even the “plateau” stage stopped me from reaching my goal. It went off after a month or so, I was losing weight again, I had a control on my diet, I was having more discipline that I’ve ever thought. People already noticed the significant changes in me. I treated every compliment as an accomplishment for myself.

Years have passed, I never thought that a 220lbs boy would end up to be 165lbs over a year. It’s always really nice to reminisce how big were the changes and it all started with just a goal in mind. Right now, I have already maintained my target weight and it’s almost two years since I’ve made that New Year’s resolution of mine that has tremendously changed my life for the better.

Nothing is really impossible, I have proved it myself. It doesn’t matter how long would it take for you to reach your goal, but what matters is how you’ll stick to that goal against all other negativities that you’ll ever encounter towards it. It was the transformation that I am proud to share, not to brag but to inspire more people not to fear change. To make everyone understand the importance of discipline and most importantly, knowing your self-worth.  Because if you know your worth, you know that you deserve only the best.

The only thing that has changed, is everything” ~ Apple Company.


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Life & Ley: Everything and More


Well, it has been a while… I promised everyone that I’ll be back and here I am, making my comeback. Welcome to! Yup, when I said that I’ll be back, I mean to have it with something special for you guys.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has always been with me ever since, to those who have supported my articles, giving wonderful feedbacks and comments up to the moment that even though my last article was published around May 2014, these people never left. The blog still got wonderful number of views each day, and it’s all because of you guys that made me write again.

Last year, I released this segment here entitled “Life & Ley”, which pretty much talked about the different things in life, well thanks to you guys, that segment became one of the most viewed here. And now, before this year ends, I’m very happy to announce that the blog has been re-modified, having “Life & Ley” as its main title.

Basically, Life & Ley will talk about everything of what a typical life is, except this time, it will be more. It will be more fun, more adventurous, more life lessons and learnings. So everything has changed, from the blogsite, to the logo, to the blog’s title to give you a glimpse of what has changed.

I am sure that everyone’s excited and I’ve got tons of articles to share to you guys. Watch out for them.

For questions, do reach me out at — :)




How many times have you been told that you can’t do something? When you tell people that you want to do this and do that and become this and become that someday, and they just laugh at you and tell you that you just can’t do it. Well, there will always be some who will do anything to bring you down, some who are just straightforward to tell you that they think you can’t and of course, those who believe in you.

I want to be successful.” “I want to be adventurous.” “I want to be happy.” “I want to have my own business.” “I want to be a writer.” “I want to inspire people.” “I want to be fit and healthy.” These are small things we used to tell ourselves that we’d want to do or become someday. These are our goals and aspirations that inspire us to keep on moving forward. And little by little, we know that we are one step closer from our goal every time we make certain decisions.

These things define not how we really see ourselves but rather how high we are really looking at our own capabilities. Because in reality, when you want to do something, the first thing that you think of is not why you want to do it but rather will you be able to do it. One of our first fears on a certain goal is on whether we could be able to make it.

Everyone is capable to be as great as they can be. Just stop trying to make yourself the ‘perfect’ person that you’d want yourself to become and start making yourself the ‘right one’ to reach your goals. Because although perfection can make you get through a certain goal but after it, it will be pointless. Doing the right decisions, the right choices and becoming the right one for your goal will make you learn more. And as you learn, you’ll never stop trying to be better.

Be limitless as you can be. Always remember that no one can stop you from doing what you want unless you let them. Unless you stop learning and trying. This year’s “Limitless” theme is by far my most significant theme in the blog not only because it’s my 100th article published here, but also because that is how I am trying myself to become little by little. I’ve experienced every single criticism and been down for some time and I’ve come to realize that it’s time to make myself worthy of every happiness that I deserve.

Like the song “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, “There’s always gonna be another mountain, I’m always gonna wanna make it move, always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose. Ain’t about how fast I get there, Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb.” – It doesn’t matter when you fall for as long as you don’t stop there. Life’s goals may take some time but know that every step you do makes you closer than yesterday.

Today, I am happier. I am better. I am wiser. And the most important thing, I am at my best. And it’s all because I’ve decided to be limitless with my goals. I’ve decided to go push myself out of the box; my comfort zone and strive to be the best that I can be. And only if everyone can think of being as limitless as they can be, I know that it will definitely make the world the best place ever.

“Wherever you are today is what you used to want to become. And what you used to ‘want to become’ should always begin with a goal and a burning passion to be limitless.” – HC

2014 HC Blog Header

The After-College Bites

The After-College Bites


This is somewhat related to my past article, 5 Things You Realize After College, but more of an eye opener of what really is like being outside of our comfort zone after many years. We’ve been trying to tell ourselves too much of how we miss college but actually what we miss is not college but who we were during college.

We have been inside of the box, filled with the comfort of our own resources and surrounded by at least those that we are familiar with, that we don’t know what it feels like to be talking to an outsider. Yes, I believe each and every one of us has experienced those little chills when we think of going outside our own boxes before.

But life is totally different from what it seems like to be a perfect world. Life often gives you the opposite of what you have perceived when you least expect it. The values of money makes you realize that it is as hard to earn money as it is to spend it knowing you are the one who worked for it. Isn’t it ironic how perceptions have shifted from “dad can afford it” to “I think it’s too much for my salary”?

The Value of time makes you more appreciative of what you have and have been to. College life was fun because we get to reminisce good things. But it can also make you feel remorseful as well on the things that you thought you should have done.

But the real bite would be the “Now what?” question that you’ll ask yourself after college. I asked it myself right after our graduation. Now, what do I do? The hardest thing about life is not about finding yourself where you belong to, but to create yourself on where you would want to go.

And one of the latter is choosing the career path that you are going to take. It may sound easy, but actually I’ve met a couple of people who have shifted careers at their quarter-life identity crisis. They have not yet found themselves until now that they still cannot make their career path. And that is one big problem.

Life starts after college. After you have received your degree diploma, after you walked the isle wearing your toga, and outside your comfort zone. Life will often give you a lot to think about but always be thankful that you think about these things. Because in the end, life is how you make it.  You create yourself based on how you would want yourself to be and after college; reality will bite you big time to be who you want to become, so be as great as you can be.

Habit Four: Think Win-Win

Habit Four: Think Win-Win


Leadership is not defined by the number of people who follows you or who is not underneath your authority but more of the values that you have put and influenced upon them. Habit four speaks of the different approach on interpersonal leadership, building relationship with others.

In order for you to become an effective leader, you must first know how to manage uncertainties of life, knowing that not everything is meant for a win-win situation. There are different paradigms of the so called interaction. These are win-win, win-lose, lose-win, and lose-lose. Although each of it can be happening in real life, as a leader, you must know how to maximize opportunities and minimize clashes as possible.

Win-Win. This situation is mutually beneficial for both parties. Both parties have thought of things, shared opinions on a situation and agreed on whatever decision you will be acting in order to resolve an issue. The great thing about thinking win-win is that you do not conflict with each other and both of you have come out on top. Win-win thinking sees situations in a cooperative instead of competitive manner.

Win-Lose. This situation emphasizes authority and competitiveness. The mindset of ‘I’m always right’ usually comes out of this situation. Although there are some instances where this situation might be needed (let’s say in a debate or in a hearing on the court), it may not be that effective when used in leadership because it makes the losing team feel rejected. The good side is that this situation also empowers a strong will for decision-making, telling others “I know what I am doing”.

Lose-Win. This situation is more of the peace-making side where you have decided to give it to him or her and let her win an argument so that there wouldn’t be any conflicts anymore. The good side is yes, it promotes peace and harmony and you get to see your friend happy, but the bad side is that there will be resentments in the end.

Lose-Lose. Well, for me, this situation is the most unproductive one since it all leads to a clash. Both mindsets are on not letting ‘the other one’ win, and later on results to nothing. This situation emphasizes on the inability to make a decision, since both are actually demanding for their own decision.

There might be instances where we will experience different scenarios, and not all scenarios should always be approached by a Win-Win situation. Every scenario depends on how you’d want to resolve a problem and each of the situations can help interpersonal relationship towards others. For instance, Lose-win situation promotes humility and Win-lose signify decisiveness.

As what Stephen Covey in his book said, a person or organization that approaches conflicts with a win-win attitude possesses three vital character traits:

  1. Integrity: sticking with your true feelings, values, and commitments
  2. Maturity: expressing your ideas and feelings with courage and consideration for the ideas and feelings of others
  3. Abundance Mentality: believing there is plenty for everyone

You need to be decisive in the Win-Win situation. You just don’t need to be nice, or tough. You have to be both. You need to be as understanding as possible, but also as firm as you can be.

To go for win-win, you not only have to be empathic, but you also have to be confident. You not only have to be considerate and sensitive, you also have to be brave. To do that–to achieve that balance between courage and consideration–is the essence of real maturity and is fundamental to win-win.” –  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 5 Secrets of Friendship

The 5 Secrets of Friendship


There’s a point in life where you’ll find people who are for keeps. They are those who’ve known you, for some, for many years now or even those who’ve stayed with you through ups and downs. Although there are actually no ‘requirements’ for you to be friends with someone, but you’ll know it when it is the real thing between you and these people.

They say others cannot judge you the way your friends does. Of course, they know you better. Although not everyone you thought your friend is really your friend. But you cannot also judge those who have gone in your circle – maybe they have found theirs as well.

When you met someone you jive with, all the things you like and stuff you hate is as same as his or hers, does it mean you’re already friends? And when you both consider yourselves ‘friends’, how sure are you that he is a real one? There are a lot of things that is to be valued for friendship. But there are also secrets in order for you to have a great friendship.

Friendship is great. When you are with the people who you consider to have known you ever since, when you are with the people you are truly comfortable with, it’s really a great feeling. Does friendship last? Of course it does, with the right way of maintaining it. And for you to maintain them, you have to:

Accept. You always have to accept each other, from your imperfections to your flaws. A real friendship is when you accept who you are and what you are not, no pretensions, no other excuses to things you don’t have.

Grow. From accepting each other, that’s the point you both grow. Growth in terms of the maturity of your friendship, knowing that there may be some misunderstandings or fights on you, but you both accept your mistakes and continue to grow. A real friend is someone that will help you grow for the better. Someone who will make you realize your mistakes and learns from them.

Develop. As your friendship goes through hardship, you both develop the sense of fulfillment toward each other. A true friend lets you develop the person in you. Someone who will respect, and give full support on your goals and dreams and not to contradict them for him to feel ahead of you.

Influence. A friend influences good things to his friends. You give them inspiration to move forward, reach for their dreams, and never be afraid to the challenges ahead. You make them feel that you are always here for them and got their back if ever something goes wrong. And if something does, you are here to make them feel that they have done the right thing in trying.

Love. You don’t have to be in a relationship to feel love. You get love from your family and of course, friends. In friendship, love is one of the biggest and yet hardest foundation of friendship. And I’m not talking about ‘falling in love’, okay? Just pure love and care toward your friends. Because if you love your friends, everything else follows through – you trust and believe in his or her capabilities, you’ll learn things from each other and grow from one another.

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Just focus on the people who have been there for you all along because they deserve your real friendship. And for the others, at some point you have to let them go and that is the hardest part about love – letting them free in order to be happy.


Internet Marketing & Online Businesses

Internet Marketing and Online Businesses

internet marketing

As the world advance towards technology, the use of the internet has opened opportunities not only for socialization purposes and research, but also for different businesses and transactions. Indeed, there isn’t a thing internet could not do these days. There is no other way that a person could do his work efficiently than through the means of internet and businesses these days uses the so called internet marketing to make everything easier.

Similar to the agenda of the actual marketing, internet marketing is also convincing and it has already influencing a lot today. Social networking sites paved way into the internet marketing world especially for the so called ‘online shops’ that is available worldwide. It easily connects through the consumers and thus, makes every transaction smooth and instant.

Although internet marketing has an advantage especially to those who shop online, it also has some disadvantages. Being able to post from blogs to social media, a consumer can have options from one product to the other. Since it is being viewed through social networking sites and over the internet, consumers shop comfortably and convenience.

Thus, it can never be assured that you always get what you paid for. These types of businesses can also bring harm to consumers in terms of the latter’s safety and protection from fake sellers and false advertisements.

When buying online, always make sure to check on the seller’s background. A good reputation is an indicator that the seller is legitimate and doing good business. As for the buyer, it is also a seller’s responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction. There also some instances where there are fake buyers who try to fool online sellers. Both parties should always be cautious in a transaction.

Although things can be done a lot easier today, it still doesn’t change the fact that people should always be vigilant and wise enough when buying online. You may be shopping and selling for convenience, but the risk that you are taking is actually higher.

Going Green

It was January 2014 when I have decided to go full green and cut all the ‘carbs‘. Since then, I have been doing a lot of diet and exercise. But sometimes, it’s hard not to eat, right? So here are some of my tips for a successful “Diet Psychology“. Wanting to lose weight requires strict discipline and determination. So if you want to lose more weight, diet more.

1. Always think of your end goal. Think of your target weight that you’d want to have months from now. Know what weight are you in and always motivate yourself. Remember even a small lose of pounds is a big milestone.

2. Don’t do sudden diet on your body. If you want to start dieting, don’t startle your body. Cut off some rice and carbs moderately and little by little. Start by a cup of rice per day in a week, then half rice next week, until your body can cope up to that change.

3. Don’t stress eat. If you feel kind of hungry, you can eat some fruits, yogurt or some nuts just to make yourself think that you’re eating and not be hungry anymore. Do not eat out of impulse or cravings.

4. Work on your weakness. If you love sweets, or burgers, pizza, and pasta, try to overcome it. Knowing your weakness will help you not eat them especially when you are already in the middle of your diet.

5. Give yourself a ‘good’ treat. If you have accomplished a diet for a week, great! Give yourself a reward or you can have a moderate cheat day but still make sure that you know that it is a cheat day.

6. Love your diet. One of the most effective way of a successful diet is to love it. Love what you eat and love yourself. The secret to it is just control and discipline.

Going green is not that bad! You just have to know how to eat good healthy food. And to help you out, here are some of my most favorite salads. Who said healthy food is not delicious? ;)

Asian Salad - Banapple

Asian Salad – Banapple

Ceasar Salad - Bonchon Chicken

Caesar Salad – Bonchon Chicken

Charlie's Green - Chicken Charlie

Charlie’s Greens – Chicken Charlie

Crispy Lengua Ceasar Salad - Casa Roces

Crispy Lengua Ceasar Salad – Casa Roces

Grilled Chicken Salad - Bugsy's

Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad – Bugsy’s

Grilled Shrimp with Pomelo Salad in Asian Sauce - Stacy's

Grilled Shrimp with Pomelo Salad in Asian Sauce – Stacy’s

Healthy Tofu Salad - Conti's

Healthy Tofu Salad – Conti’s

Sink or Swim - Kitchen

Sink or Swim – Kitchen

Spicy Maguro Salad - Kimono Ken

Spicy Maguro Salad – Kimono Ken

Spicy Tuna Salad - Tokyo Bubbletea

Spicy Tuna Salad – Tokyo Bubbletea

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